New “Christmas Gifts” WordPress Theme Available for Download is pleased to announce our latest Christmas WordPress theme available for download!fake

Christmas ‘tis the season of giving, as they say. So with this template we wanted to create a design that celebrates that exact aspect of Christmas.

This new theme, titled “Christmas Gifts”, has a fairly clean and simple look with a beautiful header and a red & green color scheme.

The header graphic depicts, what else, but Christmas gifts of course. The left side of the header shows the lower portion of a Christmas tree surrounded by beautifully wrapped presents.

The right side of the header shows a close-up of two more elegantly wrapped gifts, stylishly poking past the border of the graphic.

In the center is a white, glowing silhouette of Santa Claus and his reindeer passing in front of the moon as they fly through the sky. Just below the image of Santa, written in the graceful font known as Edwardian Script, is the old saying, ‘Tis the Season of Giving.

As with our previous Christmas theme (Vermillion Christmas), this theme provides:

  • A very SE-friendly design
  • Easy styling of images
  • An optional static intro for introducing visitors to your blog/website
  • An exceptionally user-friendly 404 page that alerts you to broken links

Plus it’s very easy to customize with…

  • 3 variations of the header graphic
  • 3 different options for the background color
  • And a sidebar that can be easily switched from left to right so it fits your preference

This is an excellent theme for anyone that wants to decorate their WordPress site for the Holiday season and perfect for business blogs or affiliate marketers blogging about Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Gifts 1.0 can be viewed and downloaded here:

Free support for the theme is available at the same address. 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  1. Shawn Ann Said,

    Great Theme, thanks for your time in creating it.

  2. Robin Said,

    I just found your site from Derrick VanDyke’s blog and he’s having a Chrismas giveaway and found your link. It’s a beautifull looking Christmas Theme and though I’m too late for this year, I’ve just downloaded it and will definitely be using it for next. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Ruby "Business Administration" Mein Said,

    You people really got a talent on designing.. This theme is nice and really fits because it’s Christmas… Keep creating more good themes. :)